K-Shop is the child from kstarnews, we notice so many Indonesian young women’s want to buy korean brand products,  we launch K-Shop for Indonesian who inspired by Korean women, selling premium quality cosmetics to bring out all women’s natural beauty, and to let them be the person they want and aspire to be, only better.
K-Shop is inspired by young girls’ creativity and spontaneity. We love to learn more and be positive thinking and confident with what we do. We believe in freedom of self-expression. We understand every woman is different, has her own taste and continuously express themselves by their makeup and style. We encourage young women to express their inner beauty as well as their natural beauty.
K-Shop sells Korean products at affordable price and guaranteed 100% authentic from Korea.

“We wish our customers to enjoy and play make-up with K-Shop, express themselves confidently and look beautiful anytime, anywhere.”